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Cooling Package - Radiator & Intercooler w/o AC for Land Rover Defender

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Radiator and Intercooler Package for Land Rover Defender:

  • Designed for Turbo engine swaps such as Cummins R2.8 or Ford 2.3 Ecoboost
  • Utilitizes new Bell Bar and Plate center cores
  • Radiator core is 2.75" thick
  • Intercooler core is 2.25" thick flows 420 CFM
  • Physical Dimension of Radiator 30.25"x 18"x 6" including necks
  • Dimension of Intercooler is 30.5"x 9.875"x 8.25" including necks
  • Flexibility of bolt on inlets, provide straight inlet has 1/4" NPT port
  • Comes assembled with marine anti Seize on Zinc coated grade 8 bolts
  • Includes .25" thick Steel Slam Panel that deletes original Slam Panel
  • Does not have provision for A/C condensor
  • Works with Fan Shroud AI-00022
  • All cast parts are A356-T6 and cores are 3003
  • Kit# AI-00019
  • Made in the USA
  • Photos depict A/C version

Parts Included in Kit:

Qty Description Part# & Location
1 22x9.7x2.25 Bell core A225097220
1 24x18x2.75 Bell core RAX275180240
2 Intercooler gasket QDB-220172
2 Intercooler Neck QDB-220148
2 Radiator Tank QDB-220171
2 Intercooler Tank QDB-220170
1 Lower 70 Degree Rad Neck QDB-220181
1 Upper Straight Rad Neck QDB-230073
1 Slam Panel Kit AI-00021
1 Slam Panel Hook Mounts QDB-230028
2 Lower Radiator Isolator 52079884AA
6 Upper Intercooler Isolator 52079419
2 Defender Frame Mount QDB-230074
1 Hood Latch Hook QDB-230021
2 Dash 928 O Ring High Temp Silicn 1173N695
1 .25 NPT Aluminum Plug 3867T363
6 5/16-18-.75" Yellow Hex Hook Mnt 92620A581
2 5/16-18-.175 Yellow Hex Lower Rnd Mnt 91257A589
16 5/16-18-2.00" Yellow Hex Intr clr Neck & Uppr Neck 91257A591
2 5/16-18-2.00" Yellow Hex Lower Neck 91257A591
2 5/16-18-2.75 Yellow Hex Uppr Rnd Mnt 91257A596
2 5/16-18-3.50 Yellow Hex Uppr Rad Neck 91257A597
4 M8 Oversized flat washer Round Mnts 91100A160
26 5/16 ID lock washer Interclr neck , upper & lower rad 91113A030
8 5/16 SAE Flat washer zinc Lower neck & slam panel hook 90126A030
1 1/2-20x6.5" SHCS Steering bolt 90044A193
1 1/2-20 Yellow Distorted flange lock nut Steering Box 90949A219
2 1/2 Yellow SAE Flat Washer Steering box 98023A033