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Adapter Kit – Ford 2.3 EcoBoost to Jeep AX15 / NV3550 5 speed

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Ford 2.3 Eco Boost 4 Cylinder Turbo to Jeep AX15 / NV3550 Adapter Kit:

  • Bell Housing is the adapter, direct bolt up from Engine to Transmission
  • Uses OEM 1998 Jeep style 10.5″ Clutch Kit
  • New Billet Flywheel, Ring Gear, and Crank Bolts
  • Made in the USA
  • Bell Housing is A356 T6
  • Designed to bolt directly to Jeep Wrangler Slave Cylinder (.75″ bore)
  • Kit# AD-00052
  • Requires qty 6: 3/8-16x.75″ tall Clutch Bolts (Sold Separately)

Parts Included in Kit:



Part# & Location

1 Bell Housing QDB-220123
1 Billet Flywheel QDB-220127
1 Ring Gear QDB-220127
1 Clutch Fork 53006388
1 Fork Retainer 4338855
1 Pilot Bearing QDB-220050
1 Pivot Ball QDB-220124
1 3/8-16x3.5" Grade 8 Hex (Pivot Ball Stud)
1 3/8-16 Jam Nut Pivot Ball Stud (External)
11 M10 Flat Washer Pivot Ball Stud; 1 External, 10 Internal
6 Crank Shaft Bolts (flywheel) Require thread sealant
9 M10-1.5x35mm Flange Hex ( Bell to Trans)
3 M10-1.5x150mm Socket Head Cap Screw (Bell to Engine)
4 M10-1.5x100mm Socket Head Cap Screw (Bell to Engine)
1 M10-1.5x60mm Socket Head Cap Screw (Bell to Engine)
2 M10-1.5x50mm Socket Head Cap Screw (Bell to Engine)
12 M10 Washer Flat (Bell to Engine & Starter)
2 M10-1.5x35mm Socket Head Cap Screw (Starter)
2 5/16-18x.75" Hex (Slave Cylinder)
2 5/16 Washer Flat (Slave Cylinder)
2 5/16 Washer Lock (Slave Cylinder)


Thickness from Ford Engine block to Face of Transmission: 8.75"

Weight: 90lbs