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Tailhousing Adapter - Tremec TR4050 to Land Rover Defender LT230

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Tremec TR4050 5 speed transmission to LT230 Land Rover Defender Adapter Kit

  • Designs allows shifter to fit in factory transmission tunnel hole
  • Reuses existing LT230 Transfer case shifter with new linkage
  • Frame mounts included for bolt on installation
  • Bolts Tremec TR4050 to Factory Defender Transfer case
  • Made in the USA
  • Kit# TR-00002

Parts included in Kit:


1 TR4050 to LT230 adapter QDB-220049
1 RH frame mount QDB-210143
1 LH t case mount QDB-210144
1 LH frame mount QDB-210142
1 T case shifter mount QDB-210141
1 T case shifter spacer QDB-210140
1 Shifter lever QDB-220035
1 Shifter knuckle QDB-220047
1 Straight shifter assembly QDB-220043
1 Diff lock linkage QDB-220048
2 Rubber Mount KKB103120
6 M10-1.25x35mm SHCS LH mount to adapter
6 M10 flat washer LH mount to adapter
4 M12-1.75 nylon lock nut Rubber Mount
3 M12-1.75x30mm SHCS LH Mount
3 M12 flat washer LH Mount
2 7/16-14x2" Hex Head Shifter Mount to Trans (Use RTV)
2 7/16 flat washer Shifter Mount
3 M8-1.25x55mm SHCS LT230 shifter spacer
1 M8-1.25x85mm SHCS LT230 shifter spacer
4 M8 Flat Washer LT230 shifter spacer
4 M8 nylon lock nut LT230 shifter spacer
1 M14-20 Hex Jam Nut Straight shifter assembly
1 5/16-24x12" threaded rod Hi Low shifter linkage
2 5/16-24 hex nut Hi Low shifter linkage
2 5/16-24 threaded eyelet Hi Low shifter linkage
2 5/16-24x1" hex head Hi Low shifter linkage
2 5/16-24 nylon lock nut Hi Low shifter linkage
1 M8-1.25x4" threaded eyebolt Diff lock pivot
1 M8-1.25 hex nut Diff lock pivot
1 5/16-24x1" hex head Diff lock pivot
3 5/16 flat washer Diff lock pivot
2 Diff lock pivot bushing FRC4499
1 5/16 nylon lock nut Diff lock pivot
1 M5-.8x25mm hex head Diff lock
3 M5 oversize OD flat washer Diff lock
1 M5 nylon lock nut Diff lock