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TPS Relocation Bracket - Cummins R2.8 Throttle Pedal Relocation

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R2.8 TPS Relocation Bracket

  • Allows builder to retain original vehicles throttle pedal
  • Mounts directly to intake horn of R2.8 engine, imitating a carburetor setup
  • Remove TPS from Cummins throttle pedal and install on bracket
  • Requires original throttle pedal to "pull" the throttle cable
  • Has provision to work with TV/ Kickdown cable
  • Includes Lokar Throttle Cable
  • Made in the USA
  • Kit# MT-00003

Parts included in Kit:

QTY Description Part# & Location
1 Main Bracket QDB-210057 (Intake Manifold)
1 Lever QDB-220091 (Opposite of TPS)
1 TPS Axle QDB-220019
2 Axle Bearing R8-2Z (TPS side of Axle)
5 .875x.515x.032 Narrow washer NAS1149F0832P (shim between inside bearing and axle collar)
1 Small Spring 9433K218_302 (Lever to Main Bracket Eyelet)
1 Large Spring 9271K591 (Lever to Main Bracket Recess)
1 Lokar Throttle Cable TC-1000U (24" long, TPS to orginal Pedal)
2 M5x.08x35mm Countersunk flat head Main Bracket to Axle Hub
2 M5x.08x55mm SHCS Main Bracket to Cummins TPS
1 1/4-20x.5" Hex Head Bolt Lever to Axle
1 1/4" Flat Washer Lever to Axle
1 1/4" Lock Washer Lever to Axle