Universal Screen Mount for Holley EFI 7″ Pro Dash

Universal Screen Mount for Holley EFI 7″ Pro Dash


Screen Mount for Holley EFI 7″ Pro dash screen mount

Includes universal mount and bracket to bolt screw or weld to a number of surfaces

Can Mount right side up or upside down on rollbars, dash pads, even steering columns

4 brass quick release bolts to easily access the removable memory card.

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Are you using the Holley Pro Dash in your project? If so, you’ve probably found that conveniently mounting the 7″ Holley dash display can be a challenge. Put the finishing touches on your custom installation with the Quick Draw Brand Universal Screen Mount!

The Quick Draw Universal Screen Mount for the Holley 7″ EFI Pro Dash (part #553-106 ) is a win-win for your upcoming engine swap.  No other mounting bracket offers more installation configurations and options. For starters, the Holley EFI POD can mount right side up or upside down within the bracket so that it can be mounted to a number of surfaces, including a steering column, rollbar, dash pad or even a floor board.  The bracket’s design clears the rear plugs on the back of the screen regardless of orientation.

Considering swapping a Cummins R2.8 into an old Chevy Stovebolt truck or Jeep CJ and want better gauges?  Maybe its time to put a Gen3 Hemi in that 78 Magnum T-Topper with a T56?  Finally wrapping up that LS swap in your 1958 Ford Skyliner?  This is a simple solution.

Key Features:

  • Cast Aluminum dual mount bracket works with the Holley Pro Dash 7″ screen
  • Mounts on a dash pad with screws, upside down on rollbar, or even on steering column using a T clamp (T clamp sold separately depending on Column diameter)
  • Built from mild steel, the lower adjusting bracket can be attached to a mounting surface by screws, welding, or a T-bolt clamp
  • The T bolt clamp allows for easily mounting to a number of different diameter cylinders by using the correct T bolt clamp
  • Both vertical and horizontal mild steel mounts are included
  • Mild steel construction of the horizontal and vertical pieces means they can even be welded together to make a mount
  • A black powdercoated finish gives the Quick Draw Mount for the Holley EFI screen a finished look
  • 4 brass quick release bolts to easily access the removable memory card.

What is included:

  • Cast powder coated aluminum screen mounting bracket
  • Clamping bolts, washers, and lock nuts
  • Vertical mild steel mount
  • Horizontal mild steel mount


This Holley Pro Dash screen mount is in stock and will ship same day if ordered before 11am EST thru USPS.

Additional information

Weight3 lbs
Dimensions9 × 6 × 2 in


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