Jeep Wrangler JK TR-4050 Manual Transmission Swap Kit (2012-17)


Ultimate Tremec TR4050 Jeep manual transmission swap.  This is the permanent NGS370 replacement.


Do you own a Jeep Wrangler JK, or maybe you’re thinking about getting one? Do you love manual transmissions but have come to hate the factory sloppy-shifting and failure-prone NSG370 6-speed manual that was offered as the only manual transmission option in the JK? Quick Draw Brand has come up with the ultimate solution for those that want a reliable and bulletproof manual transmission in the JK with our bolt-in Tremec TR-4050 transmission swap kit.

The Quick Draw TR-4050 transmission swap kit solves the problem of the stock JK manual transmission by eliminating the source, and that’s the stock transmission itself. The Tremec TR-4050 is a 5-speed heavy-duty truck transmission that shifts like a car.  Smooth, short, and firm shifting, the TR-4050 shifts smooth and without hesitation.  Because of it’s wide gear ratio selection, stout construction,  and mild manners, this JK transmission swap works for both the off-road community and custom builds for street use.

Our TR-4050 swap kit for the JK offers a simple and direct bolt-in replacement for the factory NSG370 manual transmission. The factory transfer case, drive shafts, cross member, exhaust, and slave cylinder all stay in their factory locations.  The factory driveshafts (or HD replacements if you’ve already upgraded) can be retained without any modifications. The exhaust cross-over tube will require a hammered dimple directly under the transmission for clearance.  This kit even uses the factory Jeep  clutch kit, making sourcing replacement parts easy.  The only modification required for the Jeep is a 1″ body lift to accommodate the slightly taller profile of the Tremec TR-4050, if you are willing to cut a 3″x4″ hole in the floor under the center console for the shifter bracket to come thru the body lift is not necessary.  Installation takes about 8 hours from removal of the NSG370 to final bolt tightening.  If you are interested in a TR-4050 Jeep kit for an automatic swap, future kits are forthcoming.

About the TR-4050

Quick Draw Brand developed the JK TR-4050 swap kit in partnership with Silver Sport Transmissions.The company is well known in the street rod world and is one of the largest dealers of Tremec transmissions in the USA. Wanting to expand into the truck market, Silver Sport discovered the TR-4050 among Tremec’s extensive line of OE transmission offerings that are sold all over the world. The TR-4050 is a heavy-duty 5-speed transmission that was originally developed for 1-ton truck applications. Fully synchronized, the TR-4050 sports a super-low 6.16:1 First gear ratio for crawling along with a 0.76:1 Overdrive for highway use. With a torque rating of 600 lb-ft (based on a 15,000 GVWR), the TR-4050 is strong enough to handle everything from a stock Jeep all the way up to a fully built crawler with big tires and ultra-low gearing. At only 19.5 inches long, it’s also extremely compact for it’s impressive torque numbers, making it a viable swap candidate in a wide variety of vehicles. It’s size happens to be perfectly suited to the Jeep Wrangler JK, and with the Quick Draw swap kit, installing the TR-4050 is a direct bolt-in affair.

Reasons to replace the problematic NSG370 rather than repair it:

If you’re not familiar with the multitude of problems with the stock NSG370 problem, you might want to read up on it. For years, folks have looked for a solution to the Jeep JK NSG370 problem after they start upgrading the Jeep with larger tires and heavier axles.  Some of the NSG370 problems include broken bell housings, shifters popping out of gear, gears coming apart, and inconsistent shifts. Before the Quick Draw TR-405 kit became available, many JK owners actually broke down and bought automatics.  Repairing the NSG370 is extremely costly, and the only thing you can be sure of is that eventually the problems are going to return. The TR-4050 Jeep kit will solve this headache while retaining your ability to select your preferred gear at any time, rather than having some slushy automatic with a computer figure it out for you.

Kit Contents

The Quick Draw TR-4050 Swap Kit for 2012-2017 JKs includes everything you need to perform the swap, including the TR-4050 itself! The transmission is BRAND NEW, not a remanufactured or rebuilt unit, and is backed by a comprehensive warranty from Tremec. From the bellhousing that bolts to the 3.6L Pentastar to the correct spline and bolt pattern for the stock or heavy-duty replacement (such as an Atlas II) transfer case, our kit addresses it all. Here’s the full lineup:

  • Brand New Tremec TR-4050 5-speed, warrantied by Tremec.
  • Brand new bulletproof Quick draw Brand 3.6L bell housing.
  • Clutch Fork
  • Pivot ball
  • All necessary bolts to attach bell housing to engine and transmission
  • Pilot bearing
  • Clutch release bearing
  • Shifter relocation bracket, lever, and ball
  • Transmission cross member bracket.

Do your homework and you’ll see we’ve done ours. There is simply no better kit for retaining a manual transmission in the Jeep Wrangler JK two-door or four-door.

Installation option:

For those who would like to have the TR4050 Jeep kit professionally installed, a large network of installation and dealer shops are available below. For a flat rate* of $500, by appointment, they will install the new parts provided in the kit.  If your JK Jeep needs a new clutch, flywheel, driveshaft, exhaust, etc. these items are not included in the price of the kit or install. It will be an additional cost to be negotiated with the install shop.  The NSG370 replacement is a direct transmission swap, but some pieces are wear items and will need factored into the total cost if deciding on a shop install.


  • Shipping is flat rate to the nearest Terminal or business address.
  • Customer can ship directly to residence, but there will be an additional fee to customer.
  • The states of California, Alaska, and Hawaii will have to pay additional freight regardless of delivery location.


Check out our Installer Locator for the current participating shops:










      Additional information

      Weight350 lbs
      Dimensions48 × 40 × 28 in