Slave Cylinder & Fitting -3AN (Jeep TJ)


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Slave Cylinder & Fitting -3AN

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We use this external Jeep TJ slave cylinder with most of our Quick Draw bellhousing adapters. This versatile slave cylinder can be made to work with many different clutch master cylinders. In factory Jeep applications the pressure hose that connects the slave cylinder to the master cylinder is a pre-formed hard plastic line that is retained with a roll pin and seals using a special O-ring fitting. The factory Jeep hard plastic line limits routing options and usage, and it is susceptible to failure from heat and abrasion. The adapter fitting allows the slave cylinder (or factory Jeep master cylinder) to accept common -3 AN hose fittings, enabling the use of a -3 pressure hose that can be made at most hydraulic shops.

Though this slave cylinder is commonly available at auto parts stores, it can be difficult to find with a bleeder valve. Most places sell this slave cylinder with no provisions for a bleeder, which makes properly bleeding the clutch hydraulics very difficult. Our slave cylinder has a bleeder valve built in, making it much easier to purge all the air from the clutch hydraulic system.

Key Features:

  • Jeep TJ slave cylinder with built-in bleeder
  • The external slave cylinder is used on all Quick Draw Brand bell housings
  • Includes steel -3 AN adapter fitting
  • Roll pin and O-Ring for adapter fitting included


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Additional information

Weight5 lbs
Dimensions8 × 4 × 3 in

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