Adapter Kit for Detroit 353 NV4500 SAE3

Adapter Kit for Detroit 353 NV4500 SAE3


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Round SAE3 NV4500 bell housing

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The adapter kit for the Detroit 353 NV4500 (and Detroit 453 NV4500) bolts the Dodge-style 5 speed transmission directly to the round flywheel housing found on most Detroit Diesel 3-53 4-53 4-71.  The Detroit 353 453 471 and even 6V53 are small in comparison to the larger Detroit Diesel engines found in Semi’s.  They are a perfect diesel engine swap for pick-up trucks and rat rods.

If the outside diameter of yours measures 17.75″ you have a #3 or SAE 3.  This NV4500 bell-housing will bolt directly to the back end of all makes of diesel engines with the SAE3.  An outside diameter of 19.25″ you have an SAE2 kit and will need QDB part number 2NVDD.

What is included Detroit 353 NV4500 kit (Detroit 453 NV4500):

  • Aluminum Universal SAE3 bellhousing
  • Factory Dodge Clutch fork
  • Pivot ball
  • 1.75″ long 1/2-13 bolts to attach to transmission

This SAE3 NV4500 adapter works with the gas Dodge NV4500 and late style GM NV4500.  The input shaft will need changed to the 1.25″ diameter 10 spline.

The external clutch slave cylinder is part number CS2326 or CS2324 depending on master cylinder used.  This makes it easy to order worn parts locally without hunting for a special part number and paying more than needed.

This bell housing does not require additional adapters to make it work, it is the adapter. You will save nearly 3.5 inches in your driveline giving you a longer rear driveshaft, perfect for Jeep, Land Cruiser, Land Rover, Scout, Bronco, or any other short wheel based vehicle.  Made in the USA.  All Quick Draw Brand carry a life time limited warranty against manufacturing defects. 

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