Saginaw Style Power Steering Pump – Vacuum Delete with 1 Return Port (Fits CUMMINS 4BT AND 6BT)

Saginaw Style Power Steering Pump – Vacuum Delete with 1 Return Port (Fits CUMMINS 4BT AND 6BT)


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Non hydroboost

Direct fit in a B series Cummins

Vacuum delete

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Quick Draw Brand has sold hundreds of these with countless happy customers! This vacuum delete power steering pump is a direct bolt-in for the B series Cummins. Perfect for your Fummins or Jeep swap. This pump has a single return port and is not compatible with hydroboost systems that require a dedicated second return port. The kit is 100% new and uses your choise of either a brand new or remanufactured power steering pump from Cardone. The rest of the Quick Draw components are brand new, including the gear, housing, gasket, and bolts. This kit also includes a cap and the gasket between the timing cover and housing.  The gear and aluminum bracket made right here in the USA. This fits the mechanical style B series engine. If your Ford Cummins conversion or Chevy Conversion needs a power steering pump without a vacuum pump this is the answer.  The 1 return style is setup for builds NOT using hydro boost.

For those buyers who are looking to use or source their own power steering pump, we offer THIS KIT which does not include the pump.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Power steering pumps are warrantied for 30 days from the date of purchase. It is advised to purchase your own pump, we recommend a 2005 Silverado 6.6 Power steering pump for a Hydroboost setup, a Chevy van for a remote setup, and a Chevy Blazer for a 1 return pump, if you are not satisfied with the 30 day warranty.  That way you can locally get a replacement pump easily. Any damage due to improper installation, improper lubrication, or obvious abuse are not covered under warranty.


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Weight16 lbs
Dimensions10 × 10 × 10 in
Pump Condition

Brand New, Remanufactured