Mock up Diesel engine – Replica of Cummins R2.8


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R2.8 Mock up Crate motor

Replica of Cummins R2.8

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Looking to build a Dream Rig and power it with the proven Cummins R2.8 but would like to spend your time doing it right vs. feeling rushed to get it in the before your Cummins provided warranty runs out?  Here is the solution for you.  Prior to the release of this Rigid foam mock up engine builders had to lift the engines in and out numerous times while modifying the engine bay or welding in parts.  This leads to the possibility of dropping your expensive investment, denting or scratching the engine bay, even possibly getting weld splatter or grindings on or in your engine.  Now you can use this foam mock up engine to completely build out your engine bay without even using a cherry picker.  This mock up engine is a simplified version of the factory Cummins R2.8 as some features could not be cast but we have made sure to include all the critical parts.

This mock up R2.8 diesel engine includes threaded inserts to attached your bell housing and motor mounts.  It also includes the correct locations to route your inter cooler piping from turbo and to the intake.  Both of these rotate as the real engine allows for proper angle orientation of the boost tubes.  There are reference boss locations to know where the critical electrical wiring goes including the starter, grid heater, and alternator.  It also has location to gauge where the power steering pressure and return locate along with upper and lower water neck for coolant lines.

The Quick Draw Brand R2.8 mock up engine is a perfect solution to build your vehicle without stress.


  • If you purchase this R2.8 mock up engine with additional parts the Cummins mock up engine will ship via freight with the additional parts at the same time.
  • If you simply want to order the Mock up Cummins engine it will ship via Fedex Home Delivery.
  • When purchasing the Cummins R2.8 Crate engine R2.8 mock up engine the crate engine will ship at the later agreed upon time via freight, and the mock up engine will ship immediately with the additional Quick Draw Brand parts.

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