Machine it Yourself Bellhousing for Cummins R2.8

Machine it Yourself Bellhousing for Cummins R2.8


Bare Casting Bellhousing Cummins R2.8




The Quick Draw Blank Bellhousing for the Cummins R2.8 turbo diesel opens up potential Cummins R2.8 conversions to guys with crazy ideas or odd transmission platforms.  With this bellhousing the only limitations are your your skills and know-how to make your wildest R2.8-powered creations a reality. If you plan to re-power a boat, snow machine, airplane, or any offbeat automotive application using a Cummins R2.8, this is the product for you.

For folks overseas please call 513 446 9654 or email to get a quote.

Cummins R2.8 Blank Bellhousing Includes:

  • Bellhousing
  • Quick Draw Brand Sticker

Cummins R2.8 Blank Bellhousing Dimensions:

  • Total height with engine center lip: 6.25″
  • Height from engine flange to transmission face: 6.00″
  • Base thickness on transmission side: 1.50″
  • bore hole; unmachined: 4.50″

Made in the USA

All QDB Parts are made in the USA.  All Quick Draw Brand parts carry a life time limited warranty against manufacturing defects.  They are proven bulletproof; check out the video.

Additional information

Weight40 lbs
Dimensions16 × 16 × 8 in