Jeep JK GM TR4050 Transmission Swap Kit 2012-17 For LS and Small Block

Jeep JK GM TR4050 Transmission Swap Kit 2012-17 For LS and Small Block


Ultimate Tremec TR4050 Jeep manual transmission swap.

This is the permanent NGS370 replacement.

Jeep JK GM TR4050


Jeep JK GM TR4050:

The Jeep JK GM TR4050 install package is here! Looking to upgrade that sloppy shifting NSG370 problem prone manual transmission?  Quick Draw Brand has the solution.  In partnership with Silver Sport Transmissions we have released a direct bolt in Jeep JK TR4050 5 speed transmission swap kit, with bellhousing for the GM v8 engine.

Why you should buy this package:

No longer will you have to worry about the stock NSG370 problem.  The Tremec TR4050 is a 5 speed heavy duty truck transmission that shifts like a car.  Smooth, short, and firm shifting. Shifts without hesitation of gear selection.  This JK transmission swap works for both the off-road community and custom builds for street use.

With a torque rating of 425 LB-FT (based on a 15,000 GVWR), 6.16 first gear, all gears synchronized, and only 19.5″ long – the TR4050 Jeep kit is a direct bolt in to the model year 2012 through 2017 JK Jeep and is the NSG370 replacement.  The factory cross member and slave cylinder are reused with the kit.  Bolt your V8 Chevy motor in and fabricate some motor mounts.

Reason to replace the problematic NSG370:

For years, folks have looked for a solution to the Jeep JK NSG370 problem after they start upgrading the Jeep with larger tires and heavier axles.  Because of the NSG370 problem / issues such as broken bell housings, shifters popping out of gear, gears coming apart, and inconsistent shifts a lot of owners actually broke down and bought automatics.  The TR4050 Jeep kit will solve this headache.  For the off road community and street crowd, you can now rock crawl or black top crawl knowing you will get to your destination.

How hard is the install:

The factory transfer case, drive shafts, cross member, exhaust, and slave cylinder all stay in their factory location.  Exhaust cross-over tube will require a hammered dimple directly under the transmission for clearance.  This kit even uses the factory clutch kit.  For easily installation, this kit requires a 1″ body lift.  Plan on 8 hours from removal of the NSG370 to final bolt tightening.  If you are interested in a TR4050 Jeep kit for an automatic swap, future kits are forthcoming.

What comes with this kit:

  • Brand New Tremec TR4050 5 speed, warrantied by Tremec.
  • Brand new bulletproof Quick draw Brand GM bell housing.
  • Clutch Fork
  • Pivot ball
  • All necessary bolts to attach bell housing to engine and transmission
  • Pilot bearing
  • Clutch release bearing
  • Shifter relocation bracket, lever, and ball
  • Transmission cross member bracket.



  • Shipping is flat rate to the nearest Terminal or business address.
  • Customer can ship directly to residence, but there will be an additional fee to customer.
  • The states of California, Alaska, and Hawaii will have to pay additional freight regardless of delivery location.









Additional information

Weight350 lbs
Dimensions48 × 40 × 28 in


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