Intercooler For Cummins R2.8 Aftercooler ( Boost Cooling)

Intercooler For Cummins R2.8 Aftercooler ( Boost Cooling)


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Intercooler for Cummins R2.8

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Intercooler For Cummins R2.8:

  • Universal Aftercooler for your Cummins R2.8
  • Mild Steel mounting brackets that can be welded or have additional bolt holes for mounting
  • 5/8″ hose fittings for Coolant lines
  • 2.5″ Silicon boots for boost lines with Clamps
  • Black anodized or Powder coating

How does it work:

This intercooler for Cummins R2.8 is technically an Aftercooler.  It is takes the heat from the Turbos compressed air and drops the temperature using the engines coolant.  This technology is used in the commercial and industrial world on a number of applications.  The Turbo inlet lines; 2.5″ diameter, plumb in the feed side, flow over the internal coolant fins, and then out to the engine intake.  The coolant can be ran from the heater core to the 5/8″ inlets and back out to return to the engine to cycle thru the system using the engines water pump.


  • Compact design allows for installation in tight spaces on older trucks with vertical radiators or small radiator areas.
  • Allows for use of factory fit radiator.
  • Can mount anywhere as it does not require airflow over it to cool the boost.  As a joking conversation this can mount in the cab, under the floor, behind the bumper, and will still properly function.


15″ x 13″ x 5″

  • Will ship same day.

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Weight24 lbs
Dimensions20 × 20 × 6 in


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