Hemi 6.4 and 5.7 VVT Power Steering Bracket for GM Type-II Pumps


Hemi Power Steering Pump Bracket

Fits 6.4 and 5.7 VVT V8 engine

Works with GM type II pump

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NOTE: This bracket works with VVT 6.4L and 5.7L engines only. Check out our Non-VVT engine-specific bracket HERE.

The Quick Draw Brand Hemi Power Steering Bracket for the 6.4L and 5.7L  VVT (Variable Valve Timing) V-8 engine provides a simple, bolt-on solution for mounting a GM Type II power steering pump to your Hemi engine. These pumps are extremely versatile and can be found in a variety of different configurations to accommodate a much wider range of custom applications than the factory Mopar pump. Our bracket works with most GM Type II pump styles and configurations, offering two different possible mounting positions on the engine. This versatile bracket includes hardware to bolt the bracket to the engine as well as the pump to the bracket. The Quick Draw power steering bracket fits all 5.7L and 6.4L VVT engines. If you are working with a 5.7L or 6.1L NON-VVT engine, then you will need this Hemi Steering pump bracket.

About the GM Type II Pump

If you are searching for a bracket to mount a GM Type II power steering pump to your Hemi, then you probably already know the benefits of using a GM pump over the stock Mopar pump. The GM Type II pump is available with multiple configurations of inlets and outlets to position your hoses exactly where you need them.  In addition, numerous companies offer this pump with attached or remote reservoirs. The pump can also be purchased with specific flow and pressure rates for your Hemi power steering setup.  This versatility means that whether you are running a steering box, rack and pinion, or even hydro-boost, chances are you can get the right pump for your custom application.  Our power steering bracket has four tapped holes to correctly position your pump regardless of which pump configuration you choose.

Our proven application uses a 1:1 pulley to crank.  For reference for the additional parts shown in our stock photos look here.

What comes in the box:

  • 6061 Aluminum bracket with 2 positions to mount the GM Type II Power Steering pump
  • 3 flat head bolts to mount to block
  • 3 flange headed bolts to mount pump to bracket


  • Parts will ship flat rate thru the Post Office.

Additional information

Weight3 lbs
Dimensions5 × 5 × 1 in