HD 4×4 Tail Housing for Allison 1000 to NP263XHD Transfer Case


HD Allison 1000 4×4 Tail Housing

Extra Thick

Optional Speed Tone Wheel


**This product is in fit check phase**

Finally there’s a solution to using the Allison 100 transmission with a non-stock transfer case! The Quick Draw HD 4×4 Tail Housing for the Allison 1000 is made of A356 T6 Aluminum with extra thick side walls to strengthen the connection between your 5 or 6 speed Allison and a GM NP263XHD.  This tail housing will work with the Factory Silverado and Sierra Duramax Allison Transmission but is setup for the aftermarket conversion world with extra large cross member mounting pads.

A key feature of this new tailhousing is that it moves the rear wheel speed sensor into the transmission tailhousing itself rather than the factory configuration that placed the speed sensor in the transfer case. The stock configuration made the electronic end of things very difficult with any transfer case other than the stock one. The new Quick Draw Allison 1000 tailhousing solves this problem and greatly opens up the Allison’s use in a variety of non-stock applications. With the optional built-in rear speed pickup sensor and tone wheel in the Quick Draw tailhousing, you  no longer need to use a speed pickup tone wheel on the transfer case, which works well if you plan to change or upgrade your transfer case.  With the tone wheel built into the tail housing you have less chance of misalignment and do not have additional drive train length.

The Quick Draw tailhousing works with a factory GM Allison 1000 4×4 output shaft and includes washers and nuts for transfer case.  It will also bolt to a 2WD Allison 1000 but will need a 4WD output shaft sold separately. The Quick Draw Allison 1000 tailhousing is patent pending.

Stay tuned in for more transfer case options included NP205, Toyota Split case, Land Rover LT230, NP231, NP241, Dana 300, and more!

Additional information

Weight14 lbs
Dimensions16 × 16 × 8 in