Cummins R2.8 Swap in any Vehicle 1999 or older for $5500.00

Cummins R2.8 Swap in any Vehicle 1999 or older for $5500.00


Cummins R2.8 Swap

$5500 for basic installation

Drive your Diesel Rig Home for Less!

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 Cummins R2.8 Swap for $5500?

Yes, we have lost our minds to offer a Cummins R2.8 Swap at $5500.00.  This is a limited time offer so that we can build out complete installation kits using customers vehicles.  Rather than purchasing our own rigs to prototype on we can pass the savings on to you and everyone wins.  This price will not be a complete restoration by an stretch, rather it will be a basic installation that you can drive home when complete.  This offer is open to any vehicle 1999 or older that is rear wheel drive or 4 wheel drive.  Some pre 50’s rigs may require firewall, frame, or sometimes body modifications to make work.  These modifications will be discussed with Rig owner before work is started.  Please carefully read the information provided below and ask any questions.

Included in the Cummins Conversion:

  • Labor to correctly install a Cummins R2.8
  • Motor mounts installed positioning engine correctly
  • Engine bolted to transmission using a Quick Draw Brand Adapter kit so that we know its built right
  • Wiring for run and kill features
    • R2.8 includes ECM, throttle pedal, required sensors and senders, Murphy gauge, factory key switch to starter (when possible)
  • Clearance for factory axle travel to oil pan which may need modified later if planning offroading
  • Basic engine cooling hooked up to radiator and heater core using clean runs
    • Factory radiator will be used (when possible)  For larger dimension or multi core radiator it will be purchased by vehicle owner
  • Innercooler / Aftercooler installed using pre bent runs
    • Innercooler / Aftercooler and lines provided by QDB ( Quick Draw Brand ) so we know they will work
  • Driveshaft modifications when necessary
  • Shifter positioning when going from manual to manual, auto to auto.   Additional funds are needed for pedals and covers for those converting from auto to stick.
  • Operating brakes using factory brakes

What is provided by Vehicle Owner:

  • Road Worthy vehicle running or not running so we have a good starting point to work from.  Bodies off of frames and missing axles are not road worthy.
  • Delivery of vehicle to QDB, zip code 45162
  • Vehicle without frame damage from accident or rust holes in areas we need to work
  • Operating Cummins R2.8 with manual or automatic transmission, Engine needs to be purchased directly from Quick Draw Brand, original installed transmission can be reused with some builds, others will need converted to a common tranny
  • Any necessary controller if using the automatic transmission.  QDB approved Controller can be purchase independently

Additional costs:

  • Installing and connecting A/C using factory Cummins parts when able
  • Wiring dash cluster to work so all guages will work

Not included in the Cummins Conversion:

  • Frame repair from damage or rust
  • Restoration work of the body
  • Repairs to axles
  • Trouble shooting electronic issues present in the Rig.  Our Cummins Swap solution is complete independent of the factory parts.

This Cummins R2.8 Swap is a great way to get your project truck to a point where you can complete it or have us do it.  This is currently a limited time offer.



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