Engine and Transmission – Cummins R2.8 Crate engine & Land Rover R380 Transmission (Stumpy)


New Cummins R2.8 crate engine.

Ashcroft R380 upgraded Stumpy transmission

QDB bell housing adapter kit.



Cummins R2.8 Turbo Diesel Engine with Land Rover R380 5 speed Manual Transmission

  • New 4 cylinder Cummins R2.8 Crate Engine  (Part#5467046)
  • Rebuilt Ashcroft R380 5 speed, Stumpy version (Short input shaft)
  • Bell housing bolts the transmission directly to the engine
  • Best fits V8 or 4 cylinder Defenders which were built after the 1993 floor change over
  • Engine carries a 2 year 2600 hour warranty covered thru Cummins
  • Due to Emission regulations, engine must be installed in vehicles 1999 or older, will require VIN at purchase
  • Best performance with a 1.2 ratio Transfer Case
  • Kit# EN-00007

Parts included in Kit:

QTYDescriptionPart# and Location
1Cummins 4 Cylinder crate engine5467046
Complete Front-end accessory drive
Vacuum Pump
Remote fuel/ Water separator5268019
Remote Oil Filter5308354
Remote Oil Filter Manifold5209233
Mass Air Flow Sensor and Housing4984760
Engine Wiring Harness and ECM
Universal Wiring Harness
Throttle Pedal
Oil Fittings
J1939 Can Dash Display
Owners Manual
Installation Guide
1R380 5 Speed TransmissionStumpy
1Bell HousingQDB-210114
63/8 Lock Washer(Clutch)
63/8-16×1.0″Hex Head (Clutch)
12M10 SAE Flat Washer(Bell to Engine)
1Pivot Ball5287452
1Flywheel InsertQDB-210017
1Clutch ForkQDB-210123
1Clutch Fork RetainerQDB-210001
1Clutch Kit 10.5″ 23 spline 1.0″ Dia05029 (Mopar SB Diaphragm)
1T.O. BearingUTJ10021
1Pilot BearingQDB-210059
1Slave CylinderQDB-220045 (1998 Jeep .75″ bore)
1Slave Cylinder FittingQDB-220046 (-3AN)
35/16-18×1.0″SHCS (Snout)
15/16-18x.75″Hex Head (Fork Retainer)
35/16 Lock Washer(Fork Retainer & Slave Cylinder)
25/16-18×1.25″Hex Head (Slave Cylinder)
25/16 Flat Washer(Slave Cylinder)
5M12-1.75x40mmSHCS (Bell to Trans)
12M10-1.5x40mmSHCS (Bell to Engine)
6M12 Flat Washer(Bell to Trans)


Length from Harmonic Balancer to rear face of Transmission: 43.5″

Weight:  755lbs

Additional information

Weight795 lbs
Dimensions53 × 44 × 41 in