A/C Bracket – Cummins R2.8 Compressor Mid Mount Bracket


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Cummins R2.8 Mid Mount Accessory Bracket

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Cummins R2.8 Mid Mount A/C Compressor Accessory Bracket

  • Weighs 7 Lbs
  • Works with existing Alternator and Power Steering pump
  • Fits PSC Power Steering Pump part# Sp333311-RHD
  • Has Multiple bolt locations so installer can Fabricate mounts for numerous Pumps/ Drives
  • Provided Prints for bolt hole positions for mount fabrication
  • Designed to use Cummins A/C compressor Part# 5295582
  • Moves compressor location up from factory Cummins Bracket
  • Made in the USA
  • Kit#AI-00010
  • A356-T6 Aluminum

Parts included in Kit:

  • Main Bracket                            Part# QDB-210150
  • Qty 1: M10x1.5-55mm             Socket Head Cap Screw (Block Mount)
  • Qty 3: M10x1.5-45mm            Socket Head Cap Screw (Block Mount)
  • Rear P/S Bracket                     Part# QDB-210020
  • Front P/S Bracket                   Part# QDB-210022
  • Slide Nut                                   Part# QDB-210073 (Rear P/S Bracket)
  • Qty 2: M10x1.5-35mm           Socket Head Cap Screw (Rear P/S Bracket)
  • Qty 2: M10x1.5-45mm           Socket Head Cap Screw (Front P/S Bracket)
  • Qty 2: M10x1.5-110mm         Socket Head Cap Screw (A/C Compressor)
  • Qty 2: M10 Washer               Flat (Front P/S Bracket)


Images of Mount Locations Provided

Weight: 7 lbs


Additional information

Weight8 lbs
Dimensions16 × 16 × 8 in