R2.8 Mid-Mount A/C Bracket -Works w/ PSC Power Steering Pump

R2.8 Mid-Mount A/C Bracket -Works w/ PSC Power Steering Pump


Accessory Bracket


The Quick Draw Brand Mid-Mount A/C Bracket mounts the A/C compressor in the upper position on the passenger side. Weighing only 7 lbs, it positions the A/C compressor where the power steering pump was originally located and moves the power steering pump down relative to it’s original position. The Quick Draw Mid-Mount A/C bracket also works with the PSC Power steering pump,  sp333311-rhd.  Another feature of our bracket is that the mounting locations for the accessories are bolted on, not permanent. This means that if you plan to mount a different style P/S pump or A/C compressor, our bracket can easily work with modified mounts that you build out of steel or aluminum. We can supply the dimensions for bracket mounting hole locations.

Not only is this a great bracket for conversions where the driver side A/C compressor location is a problem, it’s also a great option for converting an A/C compressor for use as an on-board air source!

The Quick Draw R2.8 Mid-Mount A/C bracket reuses your existing mounting bolts to attach to the block the block. It also works with the factory power steering pump and alternator.  We provide the other necessary bolts to put it all together.  The bracket includes provisions for mounting the factory or PSC  power steering pump, factory alternator, and Cummins A/C compressor, part # 5295582.

If you do not need the additional features this bracket provides you can save some money by purchasing the Cummins mid mount a/c bracket, part #5286671. While it doesn’t offer the same versatility as our bracket, it’s a viable option for stock accessories.

Additional information

Weight8 lbs
Dimensions16 × 16 × 8 in


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