Cummins 6BT with Allison Transmission Frame Cut (24 valve)

Cummins 6BT with Allison Transmission Frame Cut (24 valve)


Cummins 6BT with Allison


Cummins 6BT with Allison Transmission:

  • Good running 24 valve engine (1998.5 -2002 model year)
  • VP44 injection pump with computer pre wired to allow throttle
  • Allison 4 or 5 speed (please verify upon purchase which you are looking)
  • Completely dressed engine still hooked up to radiator and innercooler
  • Upon purchase video will be made of engine being shipped and posted on with Customers name and inventory number

What is checked on the Cummins 6BT:

  • Oil pressure at operating temperature
  • Blow by cold and hot
  • Exhaust smoke
  • verification no odd engine noises
  • cracks in the block ( No 53 blocks are shipped)
  • Throttle response

What is acceptable wear:

  • rust that is not causing a leak
  • chips, dings, scratches
  • burnt or cut wires not effecting the throttle of the engine
  • broken dip stick tube or missing dip stick
  • Cannot guarantee functionality of radiator, innercooler, or transmission

Shipping the Cummins 6BT:

  • Shipping of the Cummins 6BT with Allison is flat rate in the lower 48 except California.
  • This will ship on a pallet to the nearest Terminal for pickup by customer.  Can also deliver to a business address.
  • For orders going to California or those needing it faster, please contact us for a quote.
  • Can use customers shipping account if needed.
  • Have shipping dock here for pickup by semi.
  • All fluids are drained prior to shipping.

Looking for the valve cover in the video?  Click here.  We make Fummins, Chummins, and even blank valve covers for this engine that have the front oil fill and internal bossing for Crank case venting.  We also carry Cummins 4BT engines and parts.  Here is a link to the Cummins 4BT frame cuts in stock.

Additional information

Weight1350 lbs
Dimensions48 × 40 × 58 in


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