4BT AX15 Adapter kit for the Cummins 3.9

4BT AX15 Adapter kit for the Cummins 3.9


Jeep AX15 Cummins adapter kit





What does the 4BT AX15 Adapter kit do:

  • Bolts a mechanical Cummins 4BT diesel or 6BT with an SAE 3 flywheel housing to a Jeep 5 speed
  • 4BT ISb common rail with an SAE 3 flywheel housing works with this kit
  • Works with external slaved AX15 and the NV3550
  • Designed to work with internal slave AX15 with modification
  • Short design saves rear driveshaft angle

Parts included in the 4BT AX15 Adapter kit:

  • QDB Aluminum bell housing (the bell housing is the adapter)
  • Billet 4140 flywheel designed to use a 1995 Dodge truck clutch (better grip)
  • Pivot ball and retaining clip
  • Clutch fork

Very simple installation process for the 4BT AX15 Adapter kit:

  • Reuse existing Jeep Slave cylinder
  • Existing Jeep AX15 bell housing to transmission bolts can be reused
  • SAE3 bell housing bolts from the Allison transmission will bolt the bell housing to the SAE-3 12 bolt circle
  • Starter number is AS228000-4671, PHOTO ATTACHED

Supporting parts for the build from Quick Draw Brand:

Folks who have bought this Cummins adapter kit report back a very simple process.  A body or suspension lift is usually required and an upgraded front suspension is a must.  The Cummins 4bt provides excellent fuel economy while still turning the larger tires most Jeep drivers want.  If the builder has a newer Cummins ISB 3.9 Commonrail this 4bt AX15 adapter kit is a direct bolt on.  To verify you have an SAE3 housing measure between two bolts around the 12 bolt ring. If it is 4.25″ give or take, you have a 3 and this Cummins adapter kit will work.




Additional information

Weight80 lbs
Dimensions18 × 18 × 8 in