Adapter Kit – Cummins 3.3 to AX15


Cummins B3.3 to AX15 adapter kit

Made in the USA

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Now there is a simple and convenient way to mate a B-Series Cummins 3.3L engine to a Jeep AX-15 or an NV 3550! Most if not all four-cylinder 3.3L Cummins engines have an SAE4 flywheel housing. Our adapter utilizes a new bellhousing that replaces the stock Jeep bellhousing on the transmission and mates to the SAE4 mounting pattern. With this kit you can now have the  power and fun of a Cummins diesel without the excessive weight of a 4BT!  This adapter kit is designed and manufactured right here in the USA and will work with both mechanical and electronic versions of the 3.3 liter engine.

As mentioned, most if not all Cummins 3.3 liter diesel engines come with an SAE#4 round bolt pattern.  For verification, the rear round housing should be 14.25″ in diameter.  If you measure closer to 16″ then you have an SAE3 bellhousing that is not compatible with this adapter.  The bellhousing included with this kit serves as the adapter and replaces the factory Jeep Wrangler bellhousing. It has provisions to run the stock Jeep external slave cylinder that is used with the AX15 or NV3550.  Our adapter kit utilizes the factory Jeep 4.0L clutch kit along with a factory Jeep 1998 slave cylinder.

Cummins B Series 3.3L to AX-15 Kit Includes:

  • Billet flywheel (reuse your ring gear)
  • AX-15 to SAE4 bellhousing
  • clutch fork
  • pivot ball
  • All hardware to bolt the bellhousing to the engine and transmission

Additional information

Weight90 lbs
Dimensions16 × 16 × 8 in