Crate Engine – Ford 2.3 EcoBoost 310HP (Brand New)


Ford 2.3 liter Crate Engine with Ford Warranty


Ford 2.3L Crate Engine

  • 310HP/350 lb.-ft. Torque @ 3,000 rpm (with 93 octane fuel)
  • Brand New with Ford Warranty
  • Direct Injection
  • Turbo Charged
  • Variable Cam Timing
  • Will work with all Quick Draw Brand current and future adapter packages; RWD, 4WD, 6WD
  • Perfect size / weight to HP ratio for your vintage Land Rover Series Truck, Ford Bronco, IH Scout, Dodge Power Wagon, or Jeep CJ
  • Works with Fords Control Pack FMS-M-6017-23T and aftermarket Control Packs
  • Ford Kit# M-6007-23TA

Parts Included in Kit:

  • 2.3 L Crate Engine                                      Part#M-6007-23TA
  • Engine Wiring Harness                             Part# FU5z-12A581-AP
  • Starter                                                           Part# JR3T-11000-BA
  • Alternator                                                    Part# GR3T-10300-AC
  • Factory Mounting hardware                    Factory bolt bags
  • Belt                                                                JK4-534-FR3Z-8620-C
  • Turbo                                                            821402-0014
  • Throttle Body                                             GB8E-9F991-BD
  • Upper Water Tube                                    FR3E-8594-C
  • Exhaust Gasket                                          FR3Z5C226-A
  • Plug                                                              1S7Z-7N171-AB-1X
  • Tensioner                                                   CVGE-6A228-BB


Height from lower face of oil pan to upper fuel pump black cap: 30″

Width from Turbo to Throttle Body electronics: 26″

Length from Rear Block Face to front of Harmonic Balancer: 26″

Weight without Flywheel or a/c Components: 325lbs