Chevy NV4500 to Cummins B series adapter kit 1993 to 1995 Transmission

Chevy NV4500 to Cummins B series adapter kit 1993 to 1995 Transmission


Bell housing adapter kit combining the Chevy NV4500 to Cummins B series.


Chevy NV4500 to Cummins adapter kit:

This adapter kit bolts the Cummins 4bt or Cummins 6bt to the 1993 to 1995 Chevy NV4500 5 speed transmission.  This vintage of Chevy NV4500 has the different bell housing to transmission bolt pattern, shorter input shaft along with the bearing retainer sleeve for the throw out bearing.  Exact fit for the Chevy 6bt diesel swap.

The value of this Chevy 6bt kit is it bolts directly to the 1994 to 2007 Dodge flywheel housing; adapter, from the Ram 2500 and 3500 pickup trucks.  The 1989 to 1993 flywheel housing will not work.

Our Chevy NV4500 to Cummins Diesel Conversion kit uses the Dodge Starter and the 1994 Chevy 1 ton Clutch; Part #K70188-01HD, both off the shelf parts from AutoZoneThe clutch cover must be rounded on the edge, not the square edge style.  Compared to the Cummins 4bt bread van adapter plate that retains the factory bell housing this kit moves the starter to the drivers side for more exhaust clearance.  Recommend using both the master and slave combination from a 1999 Jeep Wrangler 4.0.  This has been proven to work with simply modifying the connection from master cylinder rod to clutch pedal and using  one washer approx .080″ thick top and bottom between the bell and slave.

This is not a complete installation kit but includes the everything needed to bolt the Chevy NV4500 to Cummins 4bt or 6bt turbo diesel engines.  This product is helps all the Chevy 6bt Swappers who both need the shorter design or already have the transmission.  Looking for the Cummins to Chevy SM465 adapter kit?  Click here.

Included with the Early Chevy NV4500 to Cummins 4bt 6bt adapter kit:

  • Bell housing kit for the early Chevy 6bt swap
  • Flywheel drilled for the Chevy NV4500 Clutch Pattern with oiled bronze pilot bushing
  • HD clutch fork, pivot ball, and throw out bearing.
  • Bolts for bell to trans.


All Chevy 6bt and 4bt kits will ship FedEX with signature required at delivery.

Additional Info:

Please ask questions and place orders 24/7 by website, phone, text, and email.   We offer both Military as well as check, cash, or wire discounts.  Rebuilt and New NV450o transmissions are available as well as the Chevy NV4500 to Cummins adapter kit.

Here is a promotional video showing the toughness of our bell housings.  Some photos showing engine and transmission combination are for representation.


Additional information

Weight95 lbs
Dimensions18 × 18 × 8 in