Adapter Kit for R2.8 Cummins Toyota H150 (Pre-sale)

Adapter Kit for R2.8 Cummins Toyota H150 (Pre-sale)


In stock (can be backordered)



In stock (can be backordered)

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Adapter Kit for Cummins Toyota H150

This R2.8 adapter kit allows you to bolt your Cummins R2.8 turbo diesel to a Toyota H150 5 speed transmission from the non Turbo 81 Series Diesel. You will find that packaging the parts kit makes the whole process easier and cheaper. This is not a complete installation kit but includes everything to bolt the engine to your transmission.  These kits will ship Mid January 2020.  For folks overseas please call 513 446 9654 or email to get a quote.

What’s included in the R2.8 Adapter kit:

  • Bell housing,
  • Clutch fork,
  • Pivot ball,
  • Bolts,
  • Retainer,
  • Cummins R2.8 modified flywheel.


This Cummins Toyota H150 bell housing uses a bolt adapter plate between the Quick Draw Brand bell housing and the H150 transmission. This keeps any unnecessary length out of the drive line by using the factory Cummins R2.8 Flywheel.

Made in the USA

All QDB Parts are made in the USA.  In conclusion, all Quick Draw Brand parts carry a life time limited warranty against manufacturing defects.  They are proven bulletproof; check out the video.

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Weight 70 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 12 in