Adapter kit for Cummins Chevy Manual Transmission

Adapter kit for Cummins Chevy Manual Transmission


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Cummins Chevy Manual Transmission adapter kit

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This kit is discontinued, please purchase This New Solution.

GM Cummins 6BT 4BT Manual Transmission Adapter Kit:

This kit bolts the Cummins B-series from 1989 to 2002 (Dodge version) to a Chevy transmission (manual) such as the SM465 or NV4500. This works with the 4BT or 6BT, both mechanical and electronic front gear. Most GM small block manual transmissions will bolt to this adapter plate. This is factory used bread van adapter and flywheel.  Visually checked for damage.  Helicoils may be used and visible nicks, chips and scratches will be on the adapter but will be functional.

What’s included in the kit:

  • Adapter Plate that fits Cummins 4BT and 6BT Chevy Transmission (manual),
  • Resurfaced flywheel part number 3918055. The ring gear will be rusty but in useable shape,
  • Pilot bearing part number 6302z and is included with this kit,
  • Bolts for adapter plate and flywheel.  

Cummins 4BT Chevy Manual Transmission adapters have always been hard to find.  Quick Draw Brand has sold the used Cummins 4BT Chevy manual kits for almost a decade and is pleased to provide this continued support.

You will want this adapter kit if building a Chummins Blazer or Square Body!

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