Quick Draw Brand is looking for attention!

We are holding a giveaway giving 2 lucky individuals a 4bt Saginaw style power steering pump.  These pumps are commonly used on the 4bt and 6bt engine swap as they take the failure prone vacuum pump out of the equation.  This pump fits directly below the injection pump on the timing cover and will work with the VE pump, P Pump, and VP44 pump.  Each giveaway winner will have the choice of a power steering pump with a  remote reservoir, a single return with cap, or a dual return with cap.  All setups will work with hydro boost brakes. This will ship via FedEx.  Please fill out the giveaway form and winning entry will be announced once 2000 names are entered.  Winner will be contacted by email.  If folks outside the lower 48 would like to enter that is fine but freight is 100% the responsibility of the winner.  Make sure you check out the power steering pumps we have for sale after entering the giveaway.

To draw traffic to our new website we are going to run a couple of give aways over the next few months, which will include QD Brand adapters, used parts, and even a frame cut 4bt.  Please check in weekly to see the next give away.  By filling out the contest form you are acknowledging you are at least 18 years old, and you understand that the prizes, if won, potentially require you to pick them up from a freight terminal.  By filling out the form, you agree that if you win the item, you will submit a review of the product, along with a photo of you with it for our website, and that we reserve all rights to those images.  The winner will be randomly drawn by a random number generator.  All names that apply will be considered to win.  Our goal here is to draw traffic to the website so anyone residing in the lower 48 states is eligible ( outside the lower 48 winner will have to cover all freight costs).  Prizes may take 4-6 weeks for delivery.  Winnings may not be exchanged or redeemed for cash.  Once a contest winner is selected all other entrants contact information will be deleted and allowed to enter the next give away.  We do not collect data to sell, information is for validation purposes only.