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Quick Draw Brand is the brainchild of owner Chad McKinney, who recognized a need for quality solutions to unique diesel engine conversions that were outside the “mainstream.” The traditional engine conversion market was only addressing the needs of builders using common gas engines, while the growing interest in diesel engines was largely being ignored.  Seeing not only an opportunity to fill a growing need in the automotive industry but also the enormous potential of new (such as the Cummins R2.8) and existing diesel engines, Quick Draw Brand was born. Both yesterday’s and today’s diesel engines are viable swap candidates in a variety of car and truck applications, and thanks in part to Quick Draw’s unique product offerings, the number of unique diesel engine and transmission combinations is only limited by the imagination. Since its inception the company has branched into a wide variety of both gas and diesel engine platforms, as well as a growing number of adapters for both domestic and overseas transmissions. It is all driven by the Quick Draw goal of manufacturing quality adapter solutions at a fair price.

Quick Draw Brand is a branch of Chad McKinney LLC, a family company that has been selling used diesel engines and parts for nearly a decade.  With a background in mechanical design in the aerospace industry for 5 years, company founder Chad McKinney started QD with the knowledge base and industrial contacts needed to design and produce high quality parts.  The name Quick Draw Brand came from Chad’s passion for drafting and shooting, and it just so happens to be the initials of his children.  Although taking a 12 gauge shotgun to a product is not exactly scientific, it does prove the toughness of Quick Draw Brand products- especially when compared to stock factory parts. 

We are proud supporters of the U.S. Military and Veterans and offer discounts as our way of saying thank you.  Please reach out by phone or email prior to purchase so we can provide you with a discount code.  We want to help with your conversion project today, and with all your future projects!

Cummins R2.8 4BT 6BT Detroit Diesel Hemi